One Year Anniversary

Oh my goodness! It has been a full year since we have been here!! :)) I cannot believe how fast time goes. The summer is in full swing and if you guys haven’t checked us out yet now is the time! We are planning on doing some late July early August specials!! Just a little recap on what has been going on around here. Bugstock was last weekend!! (a party we normal do for Bugsys birthday) We had two bands, lots a drinks, and a good time. I think this is something we are going to do every year! The DNR stopped out last Thursday to band some geese. (they band geese for research purposes and no harm came to any of the geese) It was amazing watching the guys round them up with canoes and put them into a pen. We even got to hold some of the babies! A few of the adults had bands on them from 2005! I believe the DNR ended up with 68 new banded geese! We had ran into some rental boat issues but they are all working and are ready to rent for this weekend! I believe *fingers crossed* that the pontoon will be ready by this weekend also!!

NOW! Lets get down to business!! Fishing has been hit and miss for us. The last week and a half we have tried a little bit of everything and everywhere. They have been using frozen shiners for the most part (everyone has their preference on bait) and have came in with enough to eat and bring some home. Usually depth between 19 and 24 feet. They also have been pulling crawlers along pine and seeing some nice action. If you are lucky enough to get a day that’s not to choppy go ahead a buzz up north. Its about a 30 minute or so ride and is absolutely gorgeous. The fishing isn’t half bad too. 😉 If you are looking to catch your personal best we would recommend reef fishing up at nite and bridges.

After all that fishing is done make sure to stop in and tell us all about it!

Catch me if you can! -Mandy

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